TIC-Sweeper 0.6 update



  • updated to TIC-80 0.28.0
  • fixed minutes timer display in interface showing a leading 0 from 60 to 69
  • added preventing flagged tiles to be revealed in check_adjacent()
  • added not manually revealing flagged tiles
  • added press X to hide win/gameover textbox
  • added X and Y to the controls menu
  • added button navigation display in menus
  • added button icons in endgame textboxes
  • tightened code indentation
  • refactored difficulty{} table and simplified init_game(), update_ and draw_menu(), and menu_controls()
  • added ingame music on/off in menu


TIC-Sweeper 0.6 Windows (TIC-80 included) 1 MB
Jun 16, 2017
TIC-Sweeper 0.6 source code 6 kB
Jun 16, 2017

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