TIC-Sweeper 0.9 update

First post-gamejam update!



  • added colored numbers
  • added colored numbers on/off to menu
  • limited player name to three characters
  • limited easy scores to top 2, normal and hard to top 3 (to store them in persistent memory)
  • fixed music not behaving correctly when game paused/resumed or music turned on/off in pause menu
  • limited time precision to tenths of a second instead of hundredth to take less space to store
  • sped up vertical movement of cursor in menu
  • removed player name storage as string, only character numbers
  • added highscores storage to persistent memory
  • replaced my brute force method of storing scores in pmem with more optimized one based on example from Rami (Liko12 developer)
  • made the timer start on first reveal
  • fixed music (again) not resuming after being turned off and on again
  • changed press any button with button A on title screen
  • added Anokmi code to title screen
  • added secret mode! Can you find it ?
  • added button A sprite to title screen
  • modified title footer
  • added thanks to bottom of menu


TIC-Sweeper 0.9 Windows (TIC-80 included) (first post-gamejam version) 1 MB
Jun 30, 2017
TIC-Sweeper 0.9 source code (first post-gamejam version) 10 kB
Jun 30, 2017

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